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How to Get a Man to Change…

How to Get a Man to Change… By Ann O’Brien We women are inge­nious. Our cre­ativ­ity is so end­less, we can even make new life in our bod­ies.               When we’re off-balance, we destroy or cre­ate drama. But when we’re ON, we con­stantly improve any­thing and any­one around us. It’s a beau­ti­ful thing, but it backfires …

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 TICKLING BUTTERFLY     Ele­vate the art of Orgasm! Wire­less, pow­er­ful, soft and flex­i­ble vibrat­ing fem­i­nine inti­mate pump has over 40 tan­ta­liz­ing tick­lers, flut­ter­ing cli­toral anten­nae, unbe­liev­able suck­ing action, and is con­toured to fit a woman‘s body. Easy-to-use fin­ger pump, non-crimping flex­i­ble air hose with purge valve. Remov­able wire­less multi-speed micro-vibe. Bat­ter­ies included. TPR Bat­ter­ies included (3 watch, 6 included) …

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Metal Scribbler Vibrating Pen

Metal Scrib­bler Vibrat­ing Pen Scrib­bler Pen Vibra­tor is a dis­creet vibrat­ing toy with a dual pur­pose. It writes and vibrates. Sleek and incred­i­bly pow­er­ful vibrat­ing pen with jewel cap. Twist cap for on/off. Safe and pure for body and plea­sure.   Made using phtha­late free, non-toxic mate­ri­als: ABS with Metal­lic Plat­ing.   Vibra­tor mea­sures 6 inches long by 0.75 inch wide.   Vibrator …

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Healthy Reasons To Make More Love

  Healthy Rea­sons To Make More Love Posted By Wendy Str­gar / “Wher­ever you are is the entry point.”  –Kabir Our sex­ual lives often are held apart from the con­sid­er­a­tions and habits we main­tain around the rest of our health. This is an erro­neous view because count­less stud­ies have con­firmed that an active sex life leads to a longer life, bet­ter heart health, a …

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How to Fight Fair When You Feel Like Fighting Dirty

By Emily Anne Web­ber ·  @Emily_Webber We’ve all been there. Your sweetie, although that’s prob­a­bly not the term of endear­ment you would use to describe them at the moment, hurts your feel­ings or makes you so stinkin’ mad you can’t stand it.   You just want to let them have it! You want to tell them exactly how you feel and use a bunch …

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